New Releases

The Switch - Decibel Nation

House Music - Decibel Nation

Teknatronik - KGB - Inside Our Trip

Let me take you on a journey....

Teknatronik - Heart - The End Remix

Dubstep Remix of Heart

Pascal-S - Playground - Superflex Feat Floor Hansen (Club Version)

Trance Music by Superflex

K G B - Rock the Beat

Breakbeat Music

Tears of Technology - I Can Feel It (Brekbeat Mix)

This is the 2012 remastered version of "I Can Feel It". Solid breaks boom as a powerful epic melody is played in unison.

The Ancient Evil - Rogue Ai

Drum and Bass music by Rogue Ai

Teknatronik, K G B - Bangin' Our Breaks Mix 4

Tears of Technology - Technology (Teknatronik Midway Remix)

Breakbeat Remix

Teknatronik - Letcho Mind Go!

Teknatronik - Got Body


K G B, Teknatronik - Dark Minds

Head Cold - Decibel Nation

Dubstep - Decibel Nation

Teknatronik - Moving Your Earballs


Muzik Maker - Teknatronik

Breakbeat and Bass from Teknatronik

Transformer - Teknatronik

Breakbeat Trippy

Teknatronik - Heart - Rogue Ai Remix

Drum and Bass Remix of Heart

Mice Elf - Teknatronik

Breaks and Trance wrapped into one package!