New Releases

K G B - Bring that Beat (Original Mix)

Teknatronik, K G B - Smiley


Scratche - Weird Science (Teknatronik's Lab Remix)

Reactivation - Bizkit

This track is absolutely a party starter ! Lots of energy and electro breaks sure to be a hit !

Empty Space - Teknatronik

Groove Bass, Deep Vibes!

Teknatronik - Heart - Rogue Ai Remix

Drum and Bass Remix of Heart

Language - Galvatron:L

Breakbeat/Electro Dance Music

Bizkit - Collision

Teknatronik - Begging for Love

Pascal-S - Playground - Superflex Feat Floor Hansen (Club Version)

Trance Music by Superflex

Teknatronik - Music


Mice Elf - Teknatronik

Breaks and Trance wrapped into one package!

Touch My Body - Teknatronik

A club hit with hard breaks and bass! This is a great track with a unique element of surprise !

Transformer - Teknatronik

Breakbeat Trippy

Daenine - Target Finder (Teknatronik's Dirty Shoes Remix)

Breaks remix

Firepower - Teknatronik

Electro Breaks and dark vibes!

Muzik Maker - Teknatronik

Breakbeat and Bass from Teknatronik

K G B, Teknatronik - That Rhythm