New Releases

Teknatronik, K G B - Smiley


K G B - Activate ( Original Mix )

Florida Breakbeat/Orlando Breaks

Infernal - Pumping (Teknatronik Remix)

Breaks Remix, another club banger with retro vocals.

Old School - Teknatronik

Breakbeats from the Old School to the New School

Scratche - Weird Science (Teknatronik's Lab Remix)

Flat - Teknatronik

You will do anything but flatline to the awesome breaks in this slamming club track!

K G B, Teknatronik - Dark Minds

K G B - Activate ( Teknatronik Memories Remix )

Florida Breaks. Electro Breaks

Teknatronik - Tweetle ( K G B REMIX )

Refracture - Shadows - Teknatronik Remix

Old school vibe in this Electro Breaks banger!

Daniel Nova - Senta One - Teknatronik Remix

Teknatronik - Got Body


Teknatronik - Music


JohnOCallaghan - Find Yourself (Kryptek Remix)

Groovy Breaks with slick samples and Bass!

Reactivation - Bizkit

This track is absolutely a party starter ! Lots of energy and electro breaks sure to be a hit !

Teknatronik, K G B - Bangin' Our Breaks Mix 4

K G B - Rock the Beat ( Teknatronik Dazed Remix )

Breaks, with deep vibes and smooth transitions.

Control - Bizkit

Listen to the beats drop in this unique bass track that is sure to make your heart thump!