New Releases

Muzik Maker - Teknatronik

Breakbeat and Bass from Teknatronik

Teknatronik - Diggity ( K G B REMIX )

Alice Deejay - Better Off Alone (B2M Remix)

Breaks Remix, Trance and club sounds on this one.

Teknatronik_K G B - Force of Habit

Melodic bass lines will have you melting away in satisfaction...

Teknatronik - Begging for Love

Roller - Teknatronik

Some old school spice with some new school flavor !

K G B - Rock the Beat

Breakbeat Music

Energy - Rogue Ai

Drum N Bass

JohnOCallaghan - Find Yourself (Kryptek Remix)

Groovy Breaks with slick samples and Bass!

I Win - Decibel Nation

Dubstep Music from Decibel Nation

Teknatronik, K G B - Bangin' Our Breaks Mix 4

Firepower - Teknatronik

Electro Breaks and dark vibes!

Language - Galvatron:L

Breakbeat/Electro Dance Music

Control - Bizkit

Listen to the beats drop in this unique bass track that is sure to make your heart thump!

July - Barzek (Teknatronik Remix)

Tears of Technology - 504 - Teknatronik's Breaks and Beats Remix

Breakbeat Remix of 504 bringing Florida and New Orleans together for this Broken Banger

Make a Change - Teknatronik

Get your dance on with this popular break trance vocal track that will burn into your heart and soul !

Teknatronik - Tweetle ( K G B REMIX )