Santosa Resort Senggigi Lombok

The Santosa Villas & Resort offers accommodation right in the seaside resort of Senggigi on the beautiful island of Lombok, East Indonesia. Located just 20 minutes from the Selaparang Airport, the resort has a variety of accommodation options ranging from Terrace Room to the Family Villa. Each unit is spacious and comes with a choice of modern facilities. Guests can swim in the lagoon pool or relax at the spa.

There are six restaurants on the resort, including Nusantara Restaurant, Lobby Lounge, Sea Side Restaurant, the Sunset Bar, Sanken Bar at the edge of the pool and BBQ Night. Resort is easy access to the island of Gili, Rambitan Village, Penujak, Sukarara, waterfall Sendanggile and Mount Rinjani. Hotel Sentosa Villas and Resort previously known as Diamond lagoon, the hotel is strategically located and easily accessible to search for culinary, nightlife, by by Lombok, internet cafes, banks, ATMs, mini market, and many more places other entertainment venues. Just walk in and out of the area of the hotel you can enjoy the beautiful strains of music rhythm Café Happy are just minutes away.

For those who like seafood you can try the Garden Restaurant which is located just a few meters from the roadside. Hotel Sentosa Villas and Resort is the only hotel in the area of Senggigi most large swimming pool with a view of Senggigi beach. The hotel can be reached just 25 minutes from Lombok Selaparang airport or 40 minutes from the port Sheets.


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Located in the heart of Senggigi, with all the feeling of beach resort relaxation and tranquility – The Santosa Villas & Resort offers a variety of facilities. Free-shaped lagoon-sized pool, right on the beach is a local point resort to relax and let go. Only 20 minutes from Selaparang Airport. Type Room: – 48 rooms terrace – 77 superior rooms – 32 deluxe rooms – 30 deluxe suites – 4 villa honeymoon – 1 family villa ROOM FACILITIES Room Air conditioning Bathroom (Bath Tub) Color TV 17 Inch Telephone inside and abroad Telephone between rooms Towels and Flip-Flops Mini Bar Terrace HOTEL FACILITIES Swimming Pool Volleyball Beach Restaurant Bar at the pool lobby hotel front office meeting room Drug Stores Hot Spot Hotel Room Rates at Santosa Resort: Terrace Room Rp. 650,000 / night / itself or both Superior Room Rp. 850,000 / night / itself or both Deluxe Room Rp. 1,000,000 / night / itself or both Deluxe Suite Rp. 1,600,000 / night / itself or both Private Villa Rp. 3,000,000 / night / single family (02 02 Adult & Children) High and peak season will be extra charge Rp. 250,000 / night enter into force on the date 01 July-15 September and 01 December to 15 January. Price includes:

1. Breakfast for 2 people, if more will be charged extra fee

2. Taxes and Services 20%

3. Children under 12 years of age sleeping with parents.

4. For extra bed will be charged extra fee of Rp. 250,000 / day / person Cancellation for low season not wearing a cancellation fee if the cancellation is done 10 days before arrival. Cancellation for high season and peak season not wearing a cancellation fee if the cancellation is made ​​20 days before arrival. The procedure of payment and booking confirmation.

1 , If the booking has been confirmed, just to make the transfer to our account number, and if the payment has been received we will send you a hotel voucher via email.

2. There is no refund if you decide to check out earlier than reservation made ​​without our consent.

4 Place armature in Baguio City Philippines

Baguio City in the Philippines actually was one city that has beautiful scenery. But all the natural scenery actually not much known to the world, even people Baguio city itself. The city is more popular with ghost stories were horrible, even the local people in the town they tell if there are a lot of places haunted.
Baguio City in the Philippines indeed have a story that is quite dark during the era of wars, which in this city there were many deaths of soldiers and civilians article Baguio during World War II, Baguio is also one of the city by bombs with terrible force. No wonder today Baguio city there are many haunted places. Where has haunted place in Baguio Philippines? What kind of story?


Awful place in Baguio Philippines by quadrilateral


Awful place in Baguio Philippines by quadrilateralNabalicong cave in buguias, Baguio is one cave that had haunted impression. According to the account in this cave there is a mummy who was a legendary hunter Banguias that Apo Anno. It is said that according to the story mummies keep anger after he had stolen and thrown in the black market. According to the visitors, while in the cave they also feel a lot of strange things, strange noises until the terrible figures from behind the walls of a cave filled with human skulls.

Casamata hill in fact be one of the very attractive tourist destination, but on this hill also has a mystical tale terrible. It is said that once there was a group of students who are possessed of a ghost women who are victims of sexual violence and left dead on the hill that holds a terrible anger and resentment. Since the story spread, directly Casamata hill known as the most haunted places in Baguio.

Awful place in Baguio Philippines by quadrilateralWhite House Laperal also one of the haunted places in Baguio. It is said that according to the legend, in this house there are ghost is believed to frequently manifest themselves in every corner of the house. According to the story, the woman was a murder victim, he and his family had been killed in cold blood.

Awful place in Baguio Philippines by quadrilateralTalking about a haunted place to say if the Diplomat Hotel is the most haunted places in Baguio, Philippines. According to the story every corner of the hotel from the park to the inside of the strange events often occur. It is said that visitors often see the ghost sightings horrible, ranging from ghost to ghost female murder victims in wartime. In this hotal was a silent witness to the cruel times of war because based on his story many pastors, children and even babies had been killed.
No one dared visit there?

mebel jati minimalis Furnishings Long lasting And Elegant


If you want hardwearing, resilient mebel jati minimalis which looks excellent and is low upkeep, a teak table is the ideal solution. Pyramid’s narrow width encourages more intimate dining while it’s pedestal style legs allow for nonstop “legroom” when extending the table’s length with the addition of another table along with the other.

That’s why we have so many Teak Tables for sale on our website, consisting of Teak Tables from brands like SeaTeak and Decoteak. Because the economy is really tight, and we can not simply manage to alter our outdoor furnishings every time they are damaged, we must have a lasting furniture at the door. You are free to put your teak outdoor furnishings because you do not need to worry about their level of sensitivity to external aspects. This is due to the fact that teak is made use of mainly in the manufacture of ships and boats and fishing boats. You do not have to fret about the look of teak table, since they are really beautiful.

If you desire a huge teak table, you can have it. If you desire a small teak table, you can do it. If you put a table in the outdoor teak you, I’m sure it will be a fantastic center for their site.

You can purchase your table in the market, but you can also do this to you with a carpenter. Nevertheless, it is still needed to keep it clean from dust and other impurities senior construction, clean with a wet fabric and water, let it dry naturally in the sun. Any dining area, whether inside or out, on a patio area or porch, is a location where sophistication and appeal satisfy. A teak dining table has the aura and classiness to complement mebel jepara any dining area and add a decorative touch to your space. Nobody want to sit at a table that is lifeless and dull as it causes meals to lose their radiance. The natural oils present in teak make it very resilient that can not be broken down by the sun, rain, sleet, snow, hail and ice.

At, you have adequate alternatives in sizes, styles and attractive designs such as round, rectangular and oval extension tables to pick from. Here you can quickly get simply the ideal teak table for your indoor and outdoor area. All our teak tables are competitively priced as we are direct importers, beneficially working given that 1996. If table is acquired alone, we will certainly call you and let you know the shipping expense. Teak is a really long lasting wood with organic oils that naturally protect it. This is why teak has been used on the decks of ships and in high humidity climates for centuries.

These handcrafted Teak tables do not need to be treated providing them a warm rustic feel. However, some people decide to use Teak Oil which will allow the teak to breathe but likewise offer it a rich caramel color and included defense. Teak Oil dissipates with time and can be reapplied as frequently as you like or not at all. To attain this, they make use of just strong wood, including teak (sustainably harvested or reclaimed) and oak. The precision cuts and construction made use of in all of our furniture stands out on the Grand Table due to its outstanding size.

Mebel Jepara AS mEBEL jati jepara Great About Teak Wood Furniture?


Anybody who does a little research prior to buying new furnishings – especially outdoor patio furnishings – will nearly absolutely run across a couple of advertisements for teak wood. The entire room is made from wood floors, ceilings, and furniture, everything in the exact same brown tones, providing warmth and softness. Warm impression obtained from the oval table and chairs and while lighting can be of oval lights that hang above the table and from the window glass. Look at how beautiful pink roses from the closet and what is in shape between the brown walls and wood shades. It’s living room enjoying views of white and wood library that houses white Television Set adds freshness and heat, enhanced in the exact same time in the space beauty.mebel jati minimalis

All integrated with exotic plants in pots antique provide light environment of peace and serenity to the entire space. Wood mahogany brown completely matches the walls pink and green, the color mix of the spring, enlivening a room. Look comfy and beautiful bed room with a bed of natural wood and painted walls, in best symbiosis with the furniture. The bed room with fitted white shades with white furniture, with a combination of a black portrait on the wall, black carpets and blankets, creating a stylish and elegant environment.the teak house furniture

A wall is totally made from wood, mebel jepara of the very same as well as the bed has a brown color, the information of which provide a sweet taste to the space like a male. Instead, this bed room is made entirely of wood has a natural color of wood and forged into a feminine atmosphere, peaceful and sensitive. It is without a doubt the best quality and value we have actually found after looking into for lots of weeks.

You can set up the wood and play in numerous shapes and initial furnishings, such an attractive rectangular shelf, which mix together in fine shape, developing a native library for your living space. When the kitchen area is a little part of the exceptional home and delight in the presence of the sea, as translucented the floor to ceiling huge windows, the presence of wood furnishings is a plus. The kitchen is big and clean, enjoy the sunshine and sweet yellow tones of wood loaning reflected the environment of a dream for the whole room. They used the wood for shipbuilding; teak makes for an excellent ship wood due to its capability to ward off dry rot (we’ll get to that in a minute).the teak house furniture

Teak is found in Southeast Asian countries like Thailand, Burma and Malaysia, however possibly no central government takes its teak fairly as seriously as Indonesia’s. Given that the best wood furniture made from teak originates from fully grown trees, it can take around 80 years before a teak tree planted today is gathered for wood. Since of this, and due to the fact that teak is such an outstanding wood material, old teak is typically recovered – for example, from old structures slated to be torn down – and offered new life as furnishings. We intend on completing our patio area with the love seat and side table later this year.

I am a heavy construct and never ever felt comfy sitting on the bench we had before – It never ever felt up to the task. Jan 26, 2015 – My household absolutely enjoys our new oudoor sofa (DS-Chappy3) It is so comfortable and is built with fantastic quality. We chose this set knowing we quite easily match it with traditional or contemporary complimentary furnishings or accessories.

Children Cooks Invited To Send Healthy Lunch Recipes


With simply a few hours of your time, you can make sufficient dishes to cover you for weeks. On a warm day, frozen water bottles can help keep lunches chilled and also offer a refreshing drink. However, they teach kids the ‘habit’ of drinking sweet beverages and can lead to a preference for sweet drink options. Disclaimer: The whole contents of this site are based upon the opinions of Dr. Mercola, unless otherwise kept in mind.

On the weekend, make a huge pot of chili, soup, or rice and beans and freeze into individual parts that are ready to require to work in a flash. Canned soups and frozen dishes can be affordable, particularly if you stockpile when they’re on sale, and all you have to do is get one when you’re running out the door. Pair these portion-controlled items with a side salad or piece of fruit to offer adequate calories to keep you feeling complete. If you’re constantly on the go in the mornings, you do not need to begin your day with boring dishes.

We attempt to keep it real when it comes to our healthy dishes, raising dwarfs, and growing in our faith. Back in the old nation where I walked UPHILL both ways to school (WITHOUT ANY SHOES) we consumed our salads in a bowl. When all I need to do at lunch time is discard the salad on a plate, I’m more apt to have a salad for lunch.

Whole wheat covers with cheese and turkey or ham, bagels w/butter, jam, pb, etc (I purchase them at the discount bread store & freeze) Soup in a thermos, yogurt (I buy a bigger container and put in smaller sized containers for them) Pita bread with favorite dealings with too.

The main dishes are typically wraps or sandwiches however other items I often serve are cracker stackers” (slices of meat and/or cheese layered between crackers, I stack them entirely and wrap in plastic wrap); cooked noodles of any shape with butter and Parmesan cheese; cheese quesadillas; baked beans with a few pieces of hotdogs; bean burritos; grilled cheese or ham & cheese; pizza biscuits (biscuit dough topped with a bit of tomato sauce and mozzarella and baked); tuna or egg salad served with crackers; or any leftovers served in a Thermos.

Most of the time my little girl gets PB & J. She suches as that, but I get burnt out sending out that every day. Her lunches are really traditional and I’m not one to do among those cutesy bento boxes discovered on pinterest either. My daughter would probably love it. While I can not commit to doing cutesy lunches every day, I need to do it once in a while since it may get her ecstatic about healthy lunches. The first time was best prior to Thanksgiving when we were preparing to travel and had nothing to eat in the house and the 2nd time was as a reward for doing something great.healthy recipes for lunch under 200 calorieshealthy recipes for lunches at work

Teak Furniture Interiors Furnishings Galleries.

Marble, especially Carrera has actually been a preferred interior decoration trend this spring. We’ll help you pick collaborating chairs and other pieces that will complement your existing furnishings and tie your look together. IFR – teak furniture Resources – prides itself in providing the most affordable prices for house and workplace furnishings in Central PA. At 35 % off every day, IFR regularly has the very best value for your difficult made dollar.

To make your home really your very own, Den’s Creative Interior Designer Paula can deal with you selecting textiles, materials & furnishing designs, making your living” dreams come true. In addition, the Rijksmuseum boasts a huge fabric collection, consisting of tapestries and carpets as well as indoor textiles, such as wall hangings. MacPherson Design & Design is distinct because we offer complete interior decoration services, architecture, and design. Simply entered into your regional shop or go on the internet to make a reserving with one of our interior designers.

After taking a look at all the couches for sale in Lancaster and Harrisburg, you might be prepared to surrender on your DIY design task. teak furniture has more than 20 expert interior designers with decades of experience to assist you both in the store and in your living room – totally free. We’ve partnered with leading office producers consisting of HON, National, Maxon and La-Z- Child to offer a complete line of desks, chairs, panel systems, conference tables and filing systems which are available practically immediately and at 20-35 % off producer’s list price every day.

Interior design has actually complemented our architectural and design services considering that 1999 conserving time, cash, and frustration for our customers. If you want to see exactly what made use of furniture other departments are providing totally free, Warwick Swap is there for you to look at. If you have re-useable University furniture that others might possibly give a brand-new home to, please post it here. We have a system in place with the goal of making certain that as much furniture as possible is recycled, decreasing Warwick’s carbon footprint and cutting departmental furnishings costs.

INTER!ORS has actually been selling dining-room tables in Lancaster given that we opened in 1969. Today, you can also purchase dining room furniture in Harrisburg and at our latest location opening soon in Camp Hill. INTER!ORS has invested the last four-and-a-half decades assisting Central PA homeowners embellish their dining rooms. From classic farmhouse tables to contemporary dining chairs with custom upholstery, INTER!ORS carries everything! INTER!ORS has more than 20 interior designers on site in Lancaster, Harrisburg and Camp Hill to assist you create your dining-room – totally free.

There are various types and design of modular coffee tables that offered for refurnishing your contemporary home. As modern furnishings, wooden modular coffee tables come with unique and creative design. They also offer natural feel that will produce welcoming impression for your modern apartment or condo. Exciting opportunity for interior decoration enthusiast to work with a leading online furniture seller!

Mental Physical fitness Suggestion


By taking a couple of simple steps such as taking and keeping a good diet plan action early when experiencing a health problem, every Mo Bro can enhance their possibilities of living a healthy and pleased life. Information about a therapy, treatment, service or product does not imply endorsement and is not meant to change advice from your certified health specialist. All users are urged to always seek advice from a qualified healthcare specialist for medical diagnosis and responses to their medical questions. Mommies invest a lot of time focused on their kids’s interests, whether you’re going to a school play or cheering on the field hockey group. If you experience a health issue, act, as early diagnosis is frequently vital to living a healthy life.

But many individuals complain about not having an energy when they get back, so even if you can press in simply 10 minutes of squatting, you’ll be doing yourself a HUGE favor! For more pointers on healthy consuming at the airport, on trip and visit this site I’m on vacay and I’m sharing my healthy eating photos on Instagram to help motivate you!

Isabel is a Nutritionist and Neighborhood Health Instructor that believes we can all live a healthy, happy life by focusing on favorable nutrition. She leads Utah’s health industry with easy, innovative ideas for nutritious cooking and habits change at IM Nutrition and the blog site #foodisourfriend. Understanding your household history is among the most powerful devices to understanding your health and all of it beginnings with a discussion. Small amounts is vital, as is consuming a vast array of foods to guarantee you get a range of nutrients and tips of the day

Cigarette smoking causes about 90 % of lung cancer deaths in males and doubles your danger of heart recommendations about the best ways to stop cigarette smoking, as there are lots of choices readily available. When picking your dishes, ensure you fill with fruits, veggies, entire grains and healthy proteins like lean meats, poultry, fish, nuts and beans. It’s important to track your Body Mass Index (BMI) to ensure you remain in a healthy tips for teens

To aid handle these times, take favorable action by dealing with improving your mental health and wellbeing, simply as you would with your physical fitness and health. Get active and feel good about exactly what you have in your life by connecting with people around you at work, house and socially.

There is a lot of expertise and tools out there to address any issues that you may have. Children invest lots of time on the floor, and family dust can include contaminants like lead and fire retardants. Household cleaners, bug killers, pet treatments, and air fresheners can irritate kids’ lungs, especially if your kids have asthma.

Summer Wedding dress 2016 ideas and inspiration

Summer Wedding dress 2016-weddingidea.pressThere are many styles and designs to choose summer wedding dress, but what is the most appropriate for your event? Basically, not just any summer wedding dress is ideal for your summer wedding. There are several things that you should consider before deciding on any dress in particular. The following tips will guide you on how best to reach. Basically, there are two main types of 2016 summer wedding dress; formal dresses in a traditional style and less formal and simple dresses. The less formal is the correct type for a wedding barefoot on a beach.

Regardless of the type of dress that you select for a summer wedding, dresses that working for the warmer months are always light. As such, it is smart to avoid the sleeves and embrace, narrow belts, cap sleeves or even tops halter style. In addition, for weddings held in the summer months, elegant beads are used occasionally in the bodice of the dress. These pearls of catch and refract the rays of the Sun, therefore, casting a glow quite soft in the right setting. The detailed, as well as intricate bodice used in current summer wedding dresses actually can make you feel like a Princess on her wedding day. They give a rich look and flattering. In addition, are easy to Pocket, since they do not cost a future.

Basically, the upper part of a summer wedding dress should be light and is made of one material less. However, the fullness of the skirt and its length should be chosen so that it matches the formalness of the place of the wedding. For example, a simple Sleeveless Top with a delicate adjustment of accounts represents a different scenario when combined with a skirt to the knee. However, if the same shirt sleeveless is combined with a dress full and formal, which represents a very different message. This is one of the most simple, directors but important that brides need to observe while buys for summer wedding dresses.

The upper part of the dress should be flattering and beautiful, but comfortable to wear in hot weather. As for the bottom of the dress, it should be chosen to match it with the formalness of the venue of the ceremony. For example, you can use shorter skirts for weddings that will take place in tropical places, outdoor casual or on a beach. Skirts, on the other hand, are suitable for the night, wedding outside of formal and interior.


Bouquets wedding 2016 – Simple Ideas for wedding bouquets

wedding bouquet - weddingidea.pressThe flowers are of the wedding. This saying is true, because to find flowers in almost part of the wedding event. You will see him in the Hall, the place of reception and own bride. Of all the necessary arrangements at the wedding, none is as important as the Palm. These are the flowers that the bride will have to keep the ad directly, therefore, will have to be the best possible. They are part of your general decoration of the event, but with special tone – classes enhance the bride and add a glamorous effect to your dress.

The design of the bouquet is very important. It should match the formality of the wedding. Casual weddings have your bouquets tied in different style of the traditional weddings. It must also have in mind the colors to go. Summer colors have to be bright to reflect the season. Winter may have white or ivory floral color for the field. You can also customize the industry by bringing his personal name. If you are planning a wedding on a budget, it may be economic with the bouquet by removing several parts and the use of the bridesmaid so it has a single bouquet of about three people.

Right ramos Setup will make the sparkle bride. Therefore, it must be arranged with great care. For a delicate piece of accessory such is considered prudent to let him manage a professional florist. She will be able to choose the type of flowers, size and suitable colors that match the theme of the wedding, the wedding dress and the season. She also will coincide with the bouquet with the figure of the bride so as to achieve harmony. Bouquets are great ways to accessorize the bride and will need it to be very careful to get the right decoration.

Unique Tribal Tattoo Designs

Unique Tribal Tattoo Designs

What’s behind tattooing your body, the reason? Itis about personal phrase is not it? If that declaration holds true, and that I believe do this many it is settle the standard, for the routine? The main reason? Finding Unique Tribal Tattoo Designs that are distinctive could be a time intensive event that may abandon actually probably the most enthusiastic people feeling overwhelmed. This frequently brings a choice to be made by some out or in hurry of exhaustion, which is really a formula for regret in the future. It neednot be this way. Here are a few recommendations that may relieve your tattoo design pain.

Once-upon a period tattoos were not somewhat common, plus one never offered lots of considered to concept of tattoo designs that are universal. In the end, many tattoos were tattooed down some back-street in little from the method stores, and several folks had them. But, since their grandma as well as everyone includes a tattoo, or four, or even more, or three, it’s become consistency and big-business has become standard as opposed to the exclusion. Quite simply, universal, operate-of-the-generator, been there done that got the exact same designs’ tee-shirt consistency. And, the introduction of engineering, study below the web, has simply created the issue worse. Website using the same styles, after website, ad nauseum. Incidentally, if this is exactly what you would like, anything easy, anything “secure” there’s with obtaining a universal tattoo nothing wrong, but then this isn’t the way togo when you’re thinking about unique tattoos.

I understand since you’ve been there this really is making sense for you, am I correct? What exactly is if online is this type of poor point one designed to do? Well, I would like to set the record directly. Online to obtain the many distinctive tattoo styles isn’t by itself a point that is poor, it is utilizing within an ineffective implies that is. Many people be prepared to acquire some special information back, and place in an extremely universal search phrase directly into among the large searchengines, like Google. Have you got any thought just how many websites available possess the term tattoo inside them? Thousands!! You’ll need another way of discovering skin artwork that’s distinctive, not a thing you will observe each time the part turns.

That provides full-circle does it not to us. If utilizing the SE’s simply returns the same old work-of-the-generator, dull tattoos, what’re the options. The clear answer would be to merely speak with people. That is correct get recommendations. Consider to get a second. The worthiness of member of the family suggesting anything, or associate, or the buddy provides value for you personally. And, if you’venot such connections you are still in of fortune, since the web provides a device that is fantastic. The device is known as a community. A community is just a location for individuals to collect to share interests, for all those not intheknow. It is possible to fulfill with lots of educated people within the boards, plus they consequently might help you achieve of choosing the precise distinctive tribal tattoo style that’s ideal for you the aim.

Does this audio a little time intensive? Perhaps. But you create good quality buddies on the way, and will turn into a more smart fanatic of good tattoo artwork. This really is virtually no time to consider short-cuts. You’re going to include anything for your skin that, for reasons and several intents, is just a permanent installation. That you don’t desire to be sorry concerning the style that you simply thus quickly selected.