Tears of Technology - Technology (Teknatronik Midway Remix)

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Breakbeat, Club Breaks
Florida breaks, also referred to as Florida breakbeat, is a genre of breakbeat music which, as the name suggests, is most popular in the areas around the US state of Florida but is recognized as a unique sound around the world.[citation needed] Florida breaks became popular in the club culture of the southeast United States during the mid and late 90s. Its sound at that time was described[by whom?] as 'funky' and often included recognizable samples from 80s pop, funk, and hip hop. Its current sound has a lot in common with nu skool breaks although it is also influenced by other music popular in the same area such as freestyle, electro and Miami bass. Its largest influence was in the clubs of Tampa as the more popular DJs in this genre hail from that city. More recently,[when?] Floridians have taken to calling the genre electro breaks despite the lack of electro characteristics included in the tracks, but this is most likely due to the parallel electronic dance music sub-genre of electro bass being billed at many of the same events as Florida breaks.
Teknatronikbreaks Digital

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